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Aishwari, born and brought up in Ahmedabad started her training in singing at an age of 14. She used to accompany her guru Shree Jayendra Nayak in his Bhajan recitals and prayers in temples in the city.

Aishwari is also a trained skin therapist and she started her own beauty clinic in 1993. She ran her business successfully till she shifted to Mumbai in 2003. She also got trained in fashion designing at SNDT college. Her training in music was continued under Mr. Anwar Mansuri who is a classical singer from Kirana Gharana.

In 2012, she launched her first music video songs. 'O Banware Mann' and 'Piya ke Milan ki Aas'. She got a very warm response from all over the world instantly. In just a week's time from the launch, she received more than 5000 views on YouTube. With this website, she also is looking forward to commercially pursue her talent in Singing, Voice Over, Acting, Modeling and Comparing.

Aishwari has been dreaming of having her own music video since more than 15 years. She knows how difficult it was to prepare herself for this effort. She found out on her own the right people and agencies who could professionally work with her. She realizes that there are many more like her who want to convert their dreams into reality but due to lack of proper guidance fail to project themselves effectively. With this site she also extends a helping hand to those who can't project themselves due to lack of proper guidance.
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